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Quality Control
We the Capri Corn Minerals are committed and has an objective to timely provide our customers with products which are high grade quality, cost effective, consistent and conforms with special required specifications. This we achieve through continuous struggle, application of latest development force to improve the quality of our products and quality service that exceeds our customer expectations and to be competitive in the world market.

With regard to the quality policy CCM has adopted four basic principles throughout its business activities;

  • To place quality first in everything we do
  • To clearly define our customer requirements and ensure that they are met at all times
  • To create and maintain an environment for continuous improvement in the quality of our products
  • To achieve business success through profitable growth by enhancing our reputation for customer satisfaction

By adopting these principles, we believe that we shall achieve our objectives.

Following processes include for maintaining quality;

Selection of the Product
First quality checked at Peshawar (1500 Km away from Karachi) and right quality is loaded for Karachi. Each truck contain around 35% fine 0 - 25 mm.

Facilities in Karachi
Fully Carpeted designed by Luzenac Group, covering an area of 60,000 Sq. Ft., manage a pressure of 200 tons, well furnished building having Centre Office, Store Room, Labor Room, Mosque, Washrooms, Garden, Sitting Room & Big RCC covered yard for Powder Material.

Mechanical Sieve
After receiving truck to Karachi, big Mechanical sieve of 18 x 14 ft of - 25 mm size in vertical direction at an angle of 500 (Degree) has been placed in order to sieve Talc Lumps at below 25 mm and separate big lumps 25 - 300 mm. During this process 35% quantity of size 0 – 25 mm is obtained. The product +25 to 300 mm is named as Talc Lumps 'A' Grade.

Electric Sieve
After passing from Mechanical Sieve, the product is than shift to Electrical Sieving machine where it passes through conveyor belt enter in Sieving machine where different sieves from 0 - 25 mm has been fixed. During process size of 0 - 5 mm and 5 - 25 mm has been received in different proportion. 22% receive 0 - 5 mm named as Talc Lumps 'Rose' Grade, 10% receive 5 - 25 mm named as Talc Lumps 'A' Grade and 3% wastage count.

1) Normally Loose Stuffed in 20' containers with Showel
2) In strong Jumbo (Big) Bags
3) For Powder, in 25 Kgs Paper / PP Bags / Big Bags.

Random sample has been obtained from each and every lot ready for export. Analyze whiteness with our own equipment at R457 standard. LOI and other components normally unchanged but checked from best laboratories of Karachi as per customer request.